Dec 2011

Catherine Zacchino – Junker Jane

My name is Catherine Zacchino, a.k.a. Junker Jane. I am an artist living in Portland Oregon. My art consists of one of a kind soft sculpture art dolls, original paintings and prints made from my original works.When I began making dolls five years ago, my designs were simple and basic. Most of my dolls were made from single pieces of fabric — one for the front and one for the back. They have since evolved into more detailed works, including pieces that have been stained for an aged effect. From the beginning though, I have always used recycled fabrics as part of my art. I find vintage fabrics and clothing to be huge inspirations for me, and it even inspired my business name, Junker Jane. I love all things aged and weathered! Many things inspire me to come up with my art doll characters, but my main influence comes from my childhood — images from make-believe stories and books that I read. Nothing compares to childhood experiences, and it is from this that I pull most of my ideas. As a child, I was always fascinated by anything otherworldly and supernatural, along with charming stories, such as Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. These influences have stood with me into my adult years, and I think this contradiction shows itself in my work, as my dolls seem to hold one foot in innocence and another in the shadows. I rarely begin a doll with a concrete idea. I usually have several loose images of what I’d like to achieve, and then I start grabbing fabrics and buttons. I find it easier to create in this fashion as a doll will seem to come together itself.

Zorikto Dorzhiev

Zorikto Dorzhiev: Steppe Story @ Hay Hill Gallery

Born in 1976 Ulan-Ude (Siberia), Zorikto Dorzhiev has emerged as one of Russia’s most acclaimed young artists, with his work exhibited in 2008 at the Council of Europe and the Beijing Olympics, and his recent series Steppe Story shown for two months at St Petersburg’s Russian Museum in 2009. Dorzhiev studyied at the Buryat Republican College of Arts in Ulan-Ude, Zorikto and trained with Professor A.M. Znak at the Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts from 1996-2002 and until 2005, with branches of the Russian Academy of Arts in the Urals, Siberia and Russia’s Far East.



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