Jan 2012

Eoin Ryan

Eoin Ryan is an Irish Illustrator and Animator based in London.
Recent Clients include Wallpaper*, GQ Magazine, New Scientist and Wired Magazine.
You can get in touch at this address, by phone at 0044(0)77 07855771, or via my agent at www.agencyrush.com.


Van Gogh’s Ear – What Really Happened?


Most art fans have heard the story of
Vincent van Gogh cutting off his own ear and giving it to his favourite prostitute. But does anyone know what really happened?
The story goes that the combination of van Gogh’s heavy drinking of absinthe,  smoking, and possible poisoning from lead based oil paints,  led the artist to a madness which caused him to slash off his ear on December 23, 1888, and then commit suicide in 1890.
In their book “Van Gogh’s Ear: Paul Gauguin and the Pact of Silence”, Hamburg, Germany based art historians Hans Kaufman and Rita Wildegans present a different theory. The pair spent ten years reviewing French police investigations, witness accounts, and the artist’s personal letters. They believe that fellow artist and friend Paul Gauguin, who was known to have had a collection of weapons including fencing swords,  cut off van Gogh’s ear in self-defense.


Stop animation - fantastic!

CERTAIN DOUBTS OF WILLIAM KENTRIDGE 51'18 Brazil, 2000 Produced by Associação Cultural Videobrasil Directed by Alex Gabassi Soundtrack by Philip Miller Films, drawing, installations, theatre, opera: William Kentridge, one of the most important names in South African contemporary art, easily glides between different media, in a combination of references and techniques that render his work unique. In this documentary, which follows him through Johannesburg and Brazil, he speaks of the impact of the landscape and the social contradictions on his work, and comments on the life of characters like Felix Teitlebaum, his alter ego. Shot in digital video and in highly grainy super-8 stock, in a reference to the author's charcoal drawings, the film shows the setting up of a previously unseen installation featuring virtual fish and a real car, commissioned in 2000 by Associação Cultural Videobrasil for the Contemporary African Art Show in São Paulo. More at: www.videobrasil.org.br


Hideaki Kawashima


Born in Aichi Prefecture, Hideaki Kawashima is a Japanese artist currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Kawashima graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 1991 and in 1995 he trained for two years as a Buddhist monk.”Influenced by painter Mark Ryden and photographers Pierre et Gilles, he and his otherworldly figures plot out an ethereal vision that is gaining popularity throughout Asia, Europe, and recently in the United States.”