Oct 2011

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Eastcoast Park - Hickey (1)


Eastcoast Park - Hickey (2)


Salvador Dali exhibition - do not miss it!

This is a fantastic exhibition - I viewed it on Monday this week. I am sure some at the school have seen it already - if you have not...it really is worth seeing. Many of the sculptures are from the later period of his life and are not popularly know. The “development” work is also not something you would not normally see.

You will be amused and intrigued.

The screen shot was taken from the site http://www.marinabaysands.com/Singapore-Attractions/ArtScience-Museum/Whats-On/ go there for more info.

Pasted Graphic

Very cool artist!



Mona Lisa project grade 6

Mahoor Hasan 6 AMS
Mahoon Hasan