After School access to the Art Department
Art Rooms - Provision for students after hours
To ensure students have access to art studios after hours to work on course work, and to ensure their safety.

1. Grades 9 and 10
Students need to leave the Art rooms when the last teacher leaves in the afternoon.
Students are not allowed to be in the art rooms at the weekends or in the evenings unless working with a teacher.

2. Grades 11 and 12
Students must complete the student for with safety check.

Weekdays - must have parents/boarding parents permission through the form below "Parent Form".

Weekends and Holidays - Weekends during term times are only accessible on Saturday between 8am - 5pm. Holiday access can be any week day between 8am and 5pm weekends are not available.

Students can work in the studios outside of this time if a teacher is present.

In Summary:
1/ If a student is coming in after hours, they must on all occasions fill out the "Student Form"

2/ If a student is coming in with
no supervision available - their parent or responsible adult must fill out the "Parent Form" as well. The final step that triggers permission is an email must be sent from a parents private email account to - this is detailed on the parent form accessed below.

The responses to the forms are shared with Security.

Any questions, please ask.

*Both forms must be completed*

Please note: the final permission step for parents, as described on the parent form, requires parents to send and email from their private email to confirm. This final step is the "trigger" for access to be granted on the sheet that the guards use.