At UWCSEA East we try to develop creativity and enthusiasm for the making art and why this is important.  Being a practitioner lives at the heart of the program.  Experiencing, reflecting and studying the making of art by themselves and by others are all parts of the complete artistic processes.  Through the fun and challenge of using first class quality materials, dyes, crayon, artist acrylic paints, inks, conte, charcoal, clay etc students grow in their understanding and confidence that can carry over into all other academic areas not only in the art room.  There are no mistakes in art class – just interesting developments that can be accepted, developed, explored and celebrated.
Our students will employ these materials in studio areas that are diverse and enriching these include, painting, mixed media, ceramics, print making, encaustic painting, oil resist.  In the future students from UWCSEA will have the fun and excitement of working in Multi Digital Media with access to a lab of art computers and a studio designed for animation and green screen filming.  At Art UWCSEA we aim at creating with turn over of ideas and techniques with students having the option of moving ahead at any time with the next course always ready and operational at for students access.