Art at UWCSEA/EAST (Channel 525)

Colouring in project

This is a theory project aimed at testing your understanding using practical processes.

Start with the VG coloring in project - color mixing using water colour and colour pencils

Big ideas:
using your own colour schemes and learning media

Art HIstory project meeting

You need to stop everything at the moment and hand your history project in for marking today. There is a special assessment booklet you need to glue this into - I will give this to you during the lesson. You can send me your project to be printed and then glue it in or you can photocopy it out of your book and glue it into your assessment booklet. You must make sure this is done during the first half of the lesson.

Van Gogh self portraits


Van Gogh painting in the country side


Van Gogh loved yellow

The colour yellow, when seen from a distance or when used with a dark background, is easiest to see, but when used alone, it is the most difficult color for eyes to process. Research has shown that people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms and infants cry more when surrounded by yellow.