Themes in Artwork

Artwork can be categorized into themes - because the themes are not official ones by artists they are pretty random in their use. One piece of work can be in many different themes depending on what you are looking for.

With the image you are working from, these are some possible themes…

Nature, Flowers, Hot colours, Detailed image etc

1/ What can you come up with as a theme

2/ Three other examples and supply the names of the artist as well.


All the posts below were for last years grade 9


Joey Monsoon - research


Once you have finished the "Joey Monsoon" appropriation - do a brief project on him - one A3 page.

You can do the layout yourself - it should have a lot of images as examples with some informative comments.

Good example of another artist research it is A3 using 2 A4 pages - has information, personal touch and some examples of HR Giger's (Artist) work


Give some information about him and what his work is about, way he makes it - how does his style add to the meaning?

Clay project


This project is a self selected project where you choose what you are going to make. Your choice both in terms of artistic merit and appropriateness to time and equipment restraints are therefore assessed. The only restriction is that it must is some way be related to other work we did this year - and you must explain this in the brief planning before you begin.

There are a few main hand building methods, pinch, slab and coil you can also use molding. In designing what you are going to make you need to think about this do decide the best way to make it as well. You can use a combination of these techniques in the one project.

Here is a useful link

You will need in your planning:

- some ideas that you have found researching what to make (with a few comments)

- a drawing/design on what it is going to look like (A4)

Once you have done this - make it!

Good luck

Pulling all the projects together


Please take the time to read and follow the projects through to the due date - it is not as complicated as it first looks. Ask me any questions you do not understand - I would be very happy to go through this with you personallt.