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Project 3

Water colour as a medium

"Being in sync with watercolour requires a confident hand and a willingness to be on the razor's edge. If you crash and burn, so what? Surely, playing it safe won't take you where you want to be." (Frank LaLumia)
The colour wheel - watch the clip and have a go at making your own colour wheel.
Watch the clip below and note the free use of paint. Also note that the paint follows the water - this is great for blending as you put the paint where you want it to be darkest, the paint will do the rest in the water.

Use leafy vegetables for the subject of this project and create a final piece similar to the clip above.s

Outcomes for your assessment:

a/ The warm up pieces - where you have done the colour wheel and some other tests etc


b/ Final picture on A3 watercolour paper.
All your mistakes and any other experimentation.

Pencil, water colour paper, brushes, masking fluid, water colour paint


Line, colour blending, tone (which is not the same as colour) and form.

Due at the end of one two weeks.