The best way to approach the exam
is to not to break it down into all the steps and restrict the natural flow of your processes.

The exam is simple and should be kept that way - you should place most of your emphasis on how well you make the final piece, excellent drawing, painting, printing etc. not the meaning behind it, if you can not make it well the meaning is not going to work anyway.

You may need to switch your thinking from I need to "...find artists" "...need to do some drawing" to the correct thinking "...which artists can help me with ideas and techniques?" and "...doing some drawings on the topic will help my skills develop"

A good exam show how you have developed over the course of doing the exam.

At the end of the day you should make a fantastic piece of art and your panels should show how you developed the idea, improved your skills by practicing the materials you chose and how some artists helped you with how they did things as well.