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The photographs below are all 'spiritual' but very different - think why and how. By now you should be able to research, investigate the topic, analyze work and evaluate your progress. Do all this is your books.
Step 1 make a checklist with dates to complete things by. Start at the submission date an work backwards - consider holidays etc.
Common sense
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From Geelong Grammar:

We would like to combine the best 20 works from each school in a small exhibition sometime at the end of the Term 1, 2014 (i.e. April/May). A similar show could be organised at your school. We could also create an online exhibition. In that way, we would share work not only with fellow GGS students and the local community, but also, via UWCSEA, with an audience in Singapore.
Who? Grade 11- you must do this project as it part of your course as a "lense project" - any other grade can submit. Other grades will not be assessed on process work.
Timeline Students would submit their work at the start of 2nd week of February. We would exchange the entries in March (6/3/2015).
Process for assessment - Look for methods, symbols, tricks, devices the artist has used. (you might use some of them later yourself) Provide your own photos in your books that “push” the topic wider and deeper - give your understanding in brief reflections on the pages. Make your pages great by designing them but not decorating them!