Evaluation is step 3 of the project. It is a little project with some images placed to make the meaning clearer for the person reading and/or marking it.
3/ Evaluate the whole project in an essay - use visual ways to clarify your evaluation where you can

Chapter 1 – how did you use your knowledge in the first part of the project to make a successful project?

What specific things did you include in your artwork that you learned in your research?

Could you improve using your research in your artwork?

Chapter 2 – how well did you plan – can you see how you made the picture from looking at your planning?

Is it clear and easily understood? Could you have improved this?- if yes give details.

Chapter 3 - how well did you artwork turn out in the end in terms of what you were asked to do? What would you change if you could?
Using little drawings placed in your assignment can make the meaning far clearer and more interesting - as they say one picture is worth a thousand words.
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This could be a good visual way to show how you might wanted to have used a different arrangement if you did it again.
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By using little swatches you can show how you might have liked a color or wanted to use a different color - and this is it! (that type of thing)
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This could show how you might have used the background to better effect.