(Please note: there could be small additions and changes at times)

1/ Understand the exam timeline - go over it, reproduce it your way
2/ Establish the priorities that will drive success (e.g. my art exam is completed on 28th March - now is the time to focus on Art, not other subjects assessed one month later in May)
3/ Plan a schedule that produces actionable outcomes (e.g. Monday 3rd Feb 10am select 50 pages of sketchbook)
4/ Pre-plan the step before meeting a deadline - remember the deadline is the teacher deadline, plan yours to meet that deadline
5/ Motivate yourself and others to be enthused and engaged about the exams - you helping to keep others upbeat actually helps you more
 Do your tasks according to the plan - you only have one plan, follow it!
7/ Hold yourself accountable for not following the plan and rectify the damage

Calendar for Exam
Each step is crucial and none compliance is the same as not submitting for a "normal exam"

Monday. - 19 January, 2015 Begin writing the 1000 word essay
Tuesday. - 20 January, 2015
Wednesday. - 21 January, 2015
Thursday. - 22 January, 2015
Friday. - 23 January, 2015
Monday. - 26 January, 2015
Tuesday. - 27 January, 2015
Wednesday. - 28 January, 2015
Thursday. - 29 January, 2015
Friday. - 30 January, 2015
Monday. - 2 February, 2015 Select 30/40 best pages that represent all the types of pages you need to have created.
Date them and put your candidate number on each
Make high quality scans, print them pass them to me and place the scans in your art folder on the drive (the official one given to you). Your folder will be copied and this will be your submission folder of pages if nothing else is done. You can continue to work in your existing folder and this could be submitted later on the 4th of March to replace the one we copied - if it is considered better by your teacher and you can only to this one time. An assessment will be made by your teacher at the point that will form part of your IB predicted grade for external assessment. Ensure you have used the checklist. Students often do not to the cultural connection part well and forget to record some of the key conversations they have had with their teacher. All your pages should connect to your work. If you experimented with a technique and did not use it in your work - why submit it?

Tuesday. - 3 February, 2015
Wednesday. - 4 February, 2015
Thursday. - 5 February, 2015
Friday. - 6 February, 2015
Monday. - 9 February, 2015
Finalize pages 25/30 pages
Tuesday. - 10 February, 2015
Wednesday. - 11 February, 2015
Thursday. - 12 February, 2015
Friday. - 13 February, 2015
Preparing for the exhibition:
Monday. - 16 February - 20 February, 2015 CNY
Monday. - 23 February, 2015 - The Foyer has been booked from here till Mid May
Tuesday. - 24 February, 2015 Exhibition panels are ready for work to be displayed 
Wednesday. - 25 February, 2015 make the pages book this week as per instructions given in class

Thursday. - 26 February, 2015
Friday. - 27 February, 2015
Monday. - 2 March, 2015
Work is on display panels (mostly)
Tuesday. - 3 March, 2015
Wednesday. - 4 March, 2015 Submit the final pages today made into one PDF book with all the pages in chronological order - use the checklist. You have your only chance to swap the folder for Examination today. See the 2nd of February.
Thursday. - 5 March, 2015
Friday. - 6 March, 2015 
Monday. - 9 March, 2015 Take exhibition photo this week and photos of all your work
Tuesday. - 10 March, 2015
Wednesday. - 11 March, 2015
Thursday. - 12 March, 2015
Friday. - 13 March, 2015 All photos are due in the correct folder inside the EXTERNAL EXAM DOCS folder by mid-night tonight - check the naming and the format
Monday. - 16 March, 2015 1000 word essay final version (a Word doc - not a google doc - this is a breach of rules and could be considered cheating) 25/30 book pages selected and collated
Tuesday. - 17 March, 2015
Wednesday. - 18 March, 2015 300 word candidate statement due today
Monday. - 16 March, 2015 Lessons this week are devoted to the spreadsheet and file naming and taking your photos in front of your work in the exhibition area.
Friday. - 20 March, 2015
Monday. - 23 March, 2015 - It is all completed!
All material for upload is now in your copied folders.
Pages 1000 work essay and Jpgs of your work
your 300 word candidate statement

You need to be contacted by email if there is any error in uploading your work.
After the Break (the week straight after)
Monday - move work to exhibition space level 6 and 5 and have the arrangement approved by me. I will hang your work possibly with your help.
Wednesday - work on exhibition or clean spaces and the Artroom (bring appropriate clothes and shoes).
Thursday - clean art room and spaces, get release form signed by me - you are free :-)